All vegetable oils are not the same. The key difference between vegetable oils is formed by the differences between the ratio of their fatty acids, the main building blocks of oils. Olive oil has the ideal composition of fatty acids for the development of the cardiovascular system, brain and body. Additionally, olive oil is extracted with solely physical methods, other vegetable oils are extracted with the processes that use heat and a chemical called hexane.

çocuklara özel zeytinyağı

Olive oil manufacturers remain faithful to process this miraculous golden liquid with a little wear as possible. Light, heat, air and water contact causes olive oil to lose its beneficiary properties. Olive oil is very delicate. Every minute detail from any negative event the olive on the tree endures, to how the oil is processed or even stored can leave a mark, these marks can be detected with chemical and sensory analysis’. Once analyzed only the produce with passing marks can be labeled and sold as Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

If you pick an olive fruit from its branch before it is ripe or properly processed it will leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

This helps create the slightly tingly gourmet taste many adults enjoy in early harvest olive oils. However, these oils rich in polyphenol may not suit younger taste buds as well as cause allergic reactions in some more sensitive children.

Naturally low polyphenol containing table olives are chosen to produce Kidsolio, and harvested “Just in Time” after which they are very carefully processed. They are then presented in playful and attractive packaging to be loved by all children.

The olive tree blossoms and forms its fruit while passing from spring to summer. It then grows and ripens its fruit drawing energy from the sun and nutrients from the soil.

The olive is first a dark green color after which it starts to mature by autumn. Its color shifts from yellow to pink to purple then finally to black.

While maturing the polyphenols in charge of protecting it with a bitter taste lessen and vitamins, especially vitamin E, start to build up improving its nutritional values.

If left any longer the olive starts to over ripen and degrade helped by outside influences. “Just in Time Harvest” is the secret to Kidsolio’s ideal nutritional values and taste balance.


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